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Suckles, burps, and has first bowel movement

Builds strength with regular rummy time

Loves to watch parents and listen to others talk

Turns head from side to side and coos

Crying is my only form of communication


3 Months
Personality should be coming out
Has fully developed sense of touch and smell
Will begin to make limited eye contact

6 -9 Months

Showing great interest in others’ food
First set of teeth should be coming
Able to grab toes
Much stronger eye contact
Able to babble and mimic limited sounds
Begins grabbing with thumb and forefinger
Able to identify the direction of sounds and recognize familiar words

9-12 Months

Should have gained top two and bottom two teeth
Sits without support
Anxious when separated from primary caregiver
Distinguish friends from strangers
Able to throw objects


1st Year
First object words
Able to grasp crayon with whole hand
Picks up small objects
Learns to walk without assistance
Matches sounds to animals
Lots of pointing..
Able to do simple commands (when temperament permits)

2nd Year
Able to kick ball
Turns over container to pore out contents
Might start to favor one hand over the other
Begins to run without falling (*might begin)
Drink from a straw
Help in washing hands
Throw, at times, completely random tantrums for absolutely no reason

I constantly go between wanting you to be my baby forever, and being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in this life.